1. How to take part in the 2nd BIS-MAS 2020?

You have to register and submit the abstract. The committee will review the abstract and if it accepted, payment can be made. Furthermore, the authors make a virtual presentation to be discussed at an online conference day. The feedback received during the presentation is used to enrich your full paper.

Then, the authors upload a full paper and the scientific committee will conduct a review process. Articles that require a revision will be sent back to the authors for correction. After the authors send the revised article to the committee, all articles will be copyedited and submitted to the publisher

  1. Where will the accepted papers be submitted?

All accepted papers will be submitted in IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science by IOP Science and indexed by Scopus

  1. How is the mechanism for selecting papers to be published in Scopus indexed journals and National Accreditation Journals?

The Organizing Committee (OC) will make a selection after the authors send the full papers and inform them for approval. The selected papers will be charged with additional fees. OC will also facilitate the authors until the articles are published.

  1. How long will it take for the article to be published?

Incoming full papers will be reviewed by reviewers and revised by authors. Furthermore, the committee will send final full papers to IOP Science. The estimated time required is approximately 5 months starting from submission of final full papers to online publication.

  1. Does the committee guarantee that all articles can be published and indexed by Scopus?

We try to facilitate all accepted articles to be indexed by Scopus. however, if a certain article does not meet the minimum standards set by the publisher, we will facilitate it to be published in other publishers.

  1. To meet minimum publication standards, what aspects should the authors pay attention to?

Authors need to pay attention to the quality of the article, language, and similarity level

  1. What is the mechanism for discussion and interaction with the presenter during the BIS-MAS virtual conference?

The committee will divide the participants into discussion groups, each consisting of 10 participants. All participants are welcome to watch the virtual video presentation and write comments. The presenter will respond to each comment.

  1. If there is a positive feedback from other participants, what should the presenter do?

Every feedback that is considered capable to enrich the quality of the article is recommended to be added in the full paper

  1. Will the presenter get a certificate?

After the virtual presentation session, each presenter will receive an electronic certificate which can be downloaded via the submission system

  1. As it is a virtual conference, do participants also get conference kits?

Yes, the committee will send the conference kits to your affiliation address after the conference day

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